Corporate Social Responsibility is extremely important to us. We’re fully committed to making positive and sustainable changes across our business and where we live and work.
As part of our CSR objectives, and to #MakeADifference, we have linked up with Ecologi (Become Climate Positive with Ecologi | Ecologi) to help reduce the impact on Global climate change. For every new employee joining Sitec, we will fund the planting of 25 trees globally which will help with reforestation, reduce greenhouse gases and support the prevention of ecological collapse. Whilst we know this is only a tiny step in the whole scheme of things, we felt compelled to do something. So far, we’ve supported the planting of 250 trees as an example in Mozambique, Ethiopia, and Kenya – and are asking our supply chain and recruitment partners to mirror our approach. If we all do our little bit, we can #MakeADifferencetogether