Small Cells

Sitec have launched a small cells division in order to deal with the future demand for 4G and 5G

Small Cells include femtocells, picocells and microcells and are deployed in a wide range of areas from residential installations, to urban locations in order to improve and maintain mobile telecommunication coverage and capacity in areas where macrocell base stations may require support to maintain network strength.

There is an increasing trend towards migrations online and from fixed to mobile and all of this leads to a massive demand for mobile network capacity.

IIn order to cater for this demand, UK Operators must continue to evolve; urban backhaul will need radical new solutions. Small cells are the only practical solution to the predicted demand as they deliver capacity and supplement coverage, and complement existing networks.

The advantage of small cells implementation is their speed to market and reduced cost of delivery. Deployment needs to be flexible, using existing structures and power supplies, whilst also having an unobtrusive design. It is given that they will be installed closer to the users, near street level, on streetside furniture, for example lampposts and bus shelters.