Sitec has experience in the end-to-end management of SLM Deployment, from Acquisition through to design and installation.

Street Level Microcell’s or SLM’s are deployed in built up urban areas to improve and maintain mobile telecommunication coverage and capacity in areas where macrocell base stations may require support, to maintain network strength. Microcells consist of an internal equipment cabinet and a single low powered antenna similar in size to a house alarm, mounted on the front of a building, at three to four metres above street level.

It is thought that Microcells will heavily feature in the upcoming 5G deployment ambitions of the major UK operators.

Main tasks performed by Sitec in the deployment of the Microcells;

  • Negotiation of new licences with improved terms and possible rent reduction for our clients
  • Negotiating and reporting on Notices to quit received by the customers estates department and the following counter notices.
  • Arranging the decommissioning of sites no longer required as part of the portfolio due to low traffic and revenue
  • Discussing rental payments with licensors and arranging payment of arrears
  • Trouble shooting for out of service sites to get them back on air
  • Instruction to search for replacement sites where not possible to get an existing site back in operation
  • Negotiating temporary equipment relocation during building refurbishment
  • All construction, installation and decommissioning works

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