SITEC gains Arqiva Gateway accreditation

SITEC has gained accreditation on Arqiva’s Gateway system, allowing the company to book access to Arqiva sites for design and LoS visits.

This accreditation extends SITEC’s ability to quickly access a growing number of infrastructure portfolios in the UK.

Arqiva is the largest independent provider of wireless infrastructure in the UK with thousands of sites in its portfolio, many of which are built and ready for immediate occupancy. These sites include National Grid pylon sites and the BT Reach sites on the rooftops of BT’s telephone exchanges.

Gateway is an online system that enables registered users to book access 24/7 – making site access swifter and easier.

About Sitec

Sitec Infrastructure Services Ltd is a dynamic, multi-disciplinary, project delivery company providing specialist surveying, engineering, installation and consultancy services across the UK. We work extensively in the Telecommunications and Utilities sectors with the one aim of providing an exceptional level of service.

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