The Sitec family tree goes back to when…………

Comms Solutions UK Ltd was founded by three Directors in April 2000. They provided services within Telecoms including acquisition and design. Some of the clients included Dolphin Telecommunications, Hutchinson 3G, O2, Orange, MKI and Airwave.

In March 2005 Comms Solutions UK Ltd became a wholly owned subsidiary of Metnor Group Plc trading as Metnor Infrastructure Services Ltd, adding complimentary services of Construction, Integration and Commissioning to the service offering. They also added further blue chip companies to the client base.

In 2009, Pico Consultants headed up by David Hawthorne, joined services with Sitec to offer a broader range of acquisition and design services.


Following a restructuring within the Metnor Group in November 2007 Sitec Infrastructure Services Ltd was formed through a management buyout.


In February 2010 Sitec Infrastructure Services merged with Pico Consultants Ltd. This presented a unique opportunity to enhance overall efficiency and service offerings of both companies, and has enabled Sitec to continue their expansion in the wireless telecommunication markets.

This has proved to be a great step forward and Sitec has continued to expand their operations in a difficult economic climate.